I have moved to a better server now :)
My site is up and running. Only 2 pages were included at the moment(ie. HOME & CONTACT page). I'll finish the rest of the pages soon. Don't forget to visit my site later :)


Hi. My name is Akhilesh, from Kerala(India). I am a freelance developer, currently concentrated on Web Application Development using PHP. If you are looking for someone to create a website for you or a script, feel free to contact me via Skype or email. :)

Feel free to explore my site, but my site is still under construction. I'll be posting details of my recent works, freebies for downloading, etc.. :D Don't forget to drop me an email if you need any assistance in development. Also, don't hesitate to provide me suggestions or comments. I always welcome that. ;)

My Recent Works


I have used the Programming services of Akhilesh B Chandran many times and he has quickly solved all of my programming problems for me ! Through all our business dealings , he has been honest and very trustworthy, i consider him a good friend, and a very talented and skilled Programmer. I highly recommend his services !
Larry Meaux, Maxracesoftware, U.S
I had my last assignment which was a VB project and I was really struggling with it. I was searching for help in internet. I tried many websites and forums, "yahoo answers", etc.. But no one could really help. Then I posted my question in VBF and Akhilesh messaged me offering help. He did my project in a few hours, explained the whole code to me and helped me with its documentation. I am very grateful to him. He is professional and at the same time great person who likes to share his skills and uses his time to help others. Thank You So Much Akhilesh...
Davit, United Kingdom
I've worked with a small amount of people, but Akhilesh has been, with difference, the most effective one. He understood my requirements almost at the first time. Also, suggested some improvements in my program. The most astonishing thing has been the time. In a small amount of hours he developed for me a thing that I was trying to do for weeks. If I work with someone in the future, I will contact you again.
Felix E, Alicante, Spain
Excellent developer and quality work.
Prashant Bansal, Bhilai , Chhattisgarh

Ongoing Project

New projects are kept secret now a days. So will update it later. Stay tuned. :)